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Destination Wedding Dress Care

With destination weddings catching on like tulle on rhinestones, there is one question on every bride's mind: How do I safely transport my destination wedding dress?

Well, here are a few suggestions from a recent Washington Post Article: use tissue and dry cleaner bags to stuff the dress so that it maintains its shape, put it in a garment bag, or if you don't have a bag, make one from fitted sheets and safety pins. You could also FedEx your destination wedding dress in advance, but do not under any circumstances check it, the article warns. Remember, Cinderella ball gowns riding in coach only works in fairytales.

In real life, the plane is no place for a poofy dress, so why not snatch up one of these sleek and gorgeous gowns from Dessy for easy storage?

These care instructions can of course be used on bridesmaids' dresses and flower girls' dresses as well.

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