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Who Incurs the Most Expenses out of the Bridal Party?

Here's a riddle for you: What's more expensive than being a bridesmaid? Naomi Cambell's legal bills, the war in Iraq, hybrid cars and....being a best man!

According to a recent Morgan Stanley Credit Card survey, the unlikely suspect who accrues the most debt in a wedding party is none other than the best man. Despite the absence of expenses like bridesmaids' dresses and wedding showers, the best man is still tagged with the greatest wedding expenditures, which are estimated to be a "staggering" 530 pounds. From the bachelor party, groomsmen attire and wedding gift, the best man spends significantly more to the bridesmaids' paltry-by-comparison 324 pounds. Plus, bridesmaids' gifts are always better than groomsmen gifts.

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