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Bridesmaids Gifts: Something Old, Something New

You're a bride who wants the best of the best. If you need a latte, you go to Starbucks. For car insurance, no one else but that cuddly green gecko will do. And for wedding advice, there's only one name: Emily Post.

Though this venerable etiquette expert has passed away, her work lives on through her oh-so-proper offspring. In fact, the updated fifth edition of Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette is written by none other than Emily's granddaughter, the undoubtedly decorous Peggy.

Within these hallowed pages you'll find wedding advice that transcends decades (Emily's original was written in 1922) along with Peggy's thoroughly modern updates. Only a Post could create a flow chart of wedding party member' responsibilities, sidebars of sticky questions, and priceless advice on same sex weddings, "encore" brides, bridesmaids' dresses, and online wedding planning.

All information is dispersed with signature Post style and insight, making this book the perfect combo of something old and something new. Sneaky tip: give these books as bridesmaids' gifts for definitive resolution to bridesmaids' dress debates. Who could argue with a Post?

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