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A Picture Makes for a Priceless Bridesmaid Gift

For those who don't savor the idea of being photographed in the post-ceremony flurry, there's a new trend in town: pre-wedding photography.

Though this trend does override the "bad luck to see the bride before the wedding" idea, pre-wedding photography offers some definite perks. A chance to photograph non-beer spattered bridesmaid dresses. A less fidgety flower girl. And most importantly...a personal moment with your groom.

Many brides have complained that one of the biggest drawbacks of their wedding was barely getting a chance to talk to the groom. A pre-wedding photo shoot allows for a romantic personal moment in a chapel, a garden, or by the seaside. A chance to kiss, pray and pose together may be just the thing you need to brace yourself for the big ceremony.

Whether you choose to have your photo shoot before or after, be sure to splurge on a nice photo album to keep your pictures pristine. Individual framed photos of your attendants also make great bridesmaid gifts.

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