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The Do's and Don'ts for Elegant Wedding Hairstyles

Typically, for a wedding, you're going to want elegant hair if you're a part of the ceremony. However, from what I have seen, there's a right way to achieve elegant hair and a wrong way. Far too many girls do all the wrong things to get that classy look - but it just comes off as unflattering. Here are some do's and don't to make sure you get an elegant look for the big day:
DON'T feel the need to have your hair a certain way, DO follow your hair's natural tendencies. For instance, if you have curly don't have to straighten it! And if you naturally have straight hair, don't feel the need to curl it.
DON'T over accessorize your hair, DO go with a clean, natural look.
DON'T overuse product. This will just leave your hair sticky and greasy. DO try to get your look right the first time and use baby powder to soak up any grease in your hair if you end up using too much product.
DON'T choose a hairstyle that won't stay. If it looks like something that's going to fall down the minute you start dancing...don't wear it! DO choose something that will hold up all night long without causing you to worry about it.
DON'T fool around with your hair once the ceremony has started. DO let it flow and smile...this will mask any discrepancies in your hair.
DON'T come to the big day unprepared. DO toss some spare bobby pins, a comb, and some hairspray in your tote bag for the day.
Oh yeah...and DO have a great time!

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