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Making the Best of Your Bridesmaid Dress

Ideally, your bridesmaid dress would be a color that you love. It would be the color that you personally have a soft spot for. It would be the color that you know you look good in. Unfortunately, the wedding is the bride's and not yours. This means that you may have to deal with wearing a color that works with the wedding - even if it is less than ideal for your personal coloring.

Nonetheless, there are ways to make unfamiliar colors work with your skin and hair. Here are some tips for working with a color you don't normally wear.


One thing you can do with a color you're not used to in order to help it bring out your best features is adapt your makeup. If a color tends to wash you out, try wearing a slightly darker foundation. Also try wearing more blush and heavier eye makeup for colors like these.

On the contrary, if a color tends to make you seem red and too colorful in the face, try using a lighter foundation and a light lipstick color. It's also helpful to use the actual color of the dress with makeup - for instance, matching your eye shadow to the dress can sometimes do the trick.


Sometimes when a certain color doesn't flatter the way you wish it did, it has a lot to do with the contrast between that color and the color of your hair. To reduce this variable in the equation of a bad color match, try a hair do that pulls your hair back tightly. This will draw less attention to the clash between your hair color and your dress color.


The most important tip for looking good in an unfamiliar color is to simply embrace it. Accept that the color is of the bride's choosing and that all colors can be beautiful if used correctly. Be confident on the big day and your confidence will shine through.

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