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How to Choose a Timeless Wedding Dress

When you're picking a bridesmaid dress, it's fair of you to want to pick something that is fundamentally timeless. Timelessness will not only lead to less regrets over your wedding choices down the road, but it will also leave the participants of the wedding capable of using their outfit more frequently than the wedding and occasional Halloween party. Here are some characteristics that should be on your checklist for timelessness:
Be careful with your cuts. Think about how silly some of the dresses from the 80's seem now because of their huge, poofy skirts. Instead of going with something incredibly bold, try something that is sleek instead.
Even though neon green is really cool in Brooklyn right now, that doesn't mean it should be the theme color for your wedding. All of us have some crazy colors that we love, but try working with colors that are a bit more time-friendly than neons, for example. Try black, gray, white, off white, red, and blues for ultimate timelessness.
The more simple the outfits are, the more timeless they will be. Decorations like sequin, patterns, and fancy straps don't really do much other than diminish the eventual value of the dress.