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Could Your Bridesmaid Dress Be A Prom Dress?

Bridesmaids dresses are a big deal. They're expensive and extremely formal. Many bridesmaids find themselves wondering where and how they'll ever use their dress again. After all, the dresses are so beautiful and it would be a shame to see one of them go to waste without further use. For those of you bridesmaids who have younger family members or friends who are still in high school, I highly suggest giving your dress to that young lady for a dance like prom. Many young girls (or their respective families) have a hard time every year trying to come up with the money for an expensive prom dress. When I was younger, I opted just to design and make my own dress instead of deal with all the drama surrounding figuring out how to afford an expensive dress. If you know a young lady around this age, it wouldn't hurt to show her your bridesmaid dress, right? Or perhaps, if the two of you are close, you could even consider helping her assist you with picking out the right dress that would also suit her later on. So if you're wondering what in the world to do with your bridesmaid dress once you are through with it, consider the young women in your life!

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