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Why do we Wear a White Wedding Dress

weddingdress2.jpg A lot of people understand that a white wedding dress is simply traditional. In fact, a lot of women steer away from choosing a dress that is actually their favorite color simply because they'd rather adhere to tradition by having a white dress. While this is all fine and good, I think it would suit us all to know a bit more background about the white dress, don't you?

So here are some facts about the white wedding dress that you may not have known before.
Mary Queen of Scots was one of the first women to wear white at her wedding. She wore it when she married Franois II of France.
White did not truly become a popular color for wedding dresses until 1840. The marriage of Queen Victoria and Albert of Saxe-Coburg is what made it popular during this time.
Prior to this time, it was always acceptable for a bride to have a colored dress. In fact, brides typically dressed in all colors with the exception of black and red.
Blue was the color that initially denoted virginity and purity, not white.
Now that you know a bit more of the background of the white dress, you shouldn't fee so crazy if you want to choose a wedding dress that is a color different than white.