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A Guide to Wedding Favor Do's and Don'ts

A Guide to Wedding Favor Do's and Don'ts

Wedding favors are traditionally given to guests at the wedding ceremony as a thank you, but have we moved on from jordan almonds and customized matchbooks?

Wedding favors can come in all shapes and sizes and price ranges. Think about your guests. Are most of them flying in? If so, most liquids and flammable materials are out given the current airline restrictions. If you are having your wedding in a city or location that is famous for something, think local. If your wedding is in Maine, how about something with blueberries or if it's in Florida, how about oranges? Guests, especially those who have never been to the area, will appreciate something with local flavor. Farmers' markets are a great place to find locally prepared items, or at least get ideas.

Go green with your favors. Edible favors are always a great idea since they will get used up with less waste. Customized cookies are a fun idea since they can be in any shape and size, and you don't have to do any of the work! Homemade soaps and lotions are also a green idea. What about giving a little customized packet of your favorite flower seeds. A wedding favor should remind the guests of you, so think about what you like and want to share. Whatever you choose, if it has to be wrapped, always use recycled packaging.

Some brides and grooms, however, are going a different route and not giving favors at all. That is perfectly fine too! Spend the money you save on favors on making the wedding more special for your guests. In the end, your guests will remember the event, not the little bag of candy they took home.