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How to Handle Postal Service Fees on Your Wedding Invitations

What will your postal fees amount to? A lot really, especially if you expect on receiving RSVPs after May 11. The United States Postal Service just announced a two cent price hike, from 42 cents to 44 cents for a regular First-Class Mail stamp. Usually RSVPs are stamped, for the ease of the guest. To make sure that you get all of your RSVPs back, make sure that you account for this price change. If your invitation only requires a First-Class Mail stamp, consider getting the Forever stamp, which can be used after the price change. If your invite needs more postage, or you want a nicer looking stamp for your invitations, look at these new stamps unveiled by the USPS last week:


A new design for a 44 cent stamp.


New 61 cent stamp with a photo of a wedding cake.

These stamps will be available on or before May 11. Another creative idea for personalized stamps is PhotoStamps. Upload whatever photo you want, and create truly personalized stamps for a unique wedding invitation.

Photos taken from the United States Postal Service; read more at