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How to Wear a Poufy Wedding Dress

How to Wear a Poufy Wedding Dress

Not every bride can pull off this season's poufy wedding dresses with gargantuan-sized skirts. But if you can, here's how to make the perfect entrance in these ultra-dramatic gowns.

Big skirt, less bling

When extreme-sized skirts are to work, the best way to accent these spectacular wedding gowns is with less jewelry. For a truly classic look limit bling to less than one brilliant bauble, pair of earrings or simple hair accessory.

High style

A wedding gown with major heft to it should never be paired with flat heels. Go for the highest heels you can wear with comfort. The extra height will add to your grand entrance.

Heavy petals

Never pair a big, flounced wedding dress with a tiny, unassuming floral bouquet. Extreme gowns demand a substantial bridal bouquet made with dramatic eye-catchers such as plush roses, tulips, orchids or lilacs.

Barely-there hair

A gown with all-out grandeur needs to be accented with elegant, simple hair. Sleek, sophisticated chignons and buns worn with just one jeweled hairpin add impact without detracting from a voluminous wedding dress.

Souped-up size

Give a big, fairy tale-like gown even more drama with a bustled skirt. The added draping and detailing with give your wedding dress larger-than-life proportions.