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The Audrey Hepburn Wedding Updo

The Audrey Hepburn Wedding Updo

The Audrey Hepburn updo is a key beauty staple for Fall's best-dressed brides. Inspired by the timeless beauty of film star Audrey Hepburn, classic retro hairstyles are upswept, awesome and utterly modern.

Fab French twist

Done with a deep part and heavy bangs, the classic French twist gets a shot of runway modernity this season. Think "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and keep the look clean, crisp and off the face. The added height at the crown also adds an edgier feel for Fall.

What a tease!

High-top hair is everywhere this season. Backcombed looks are big up top, smoothed over into classic chignons and buns, and worn with pretty ribbons or pretty retro clips

Knotty bride

Give the soft, elegant updo a dramatic twist with this season's new, knotted bun. Placed off to one side or directly on the crown, this classic look is full of fashion-forward glam. Add some crystal embellishments for even more shine.