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Top 2010 Wedding Trends to Sweep You Off Your Feet

Top 2010 Wedding Trends to Sweep You Off Your Feet

Welcome brides-to-be to 2010! In the spirit of the New Year and all that is 2010 I wanted to highlight the much talked about wedding trends of the coming year. May you be inspired to make your new year wedding the one of your dreams!

Green Eco-Friendly Favors: It's time to bring your eco-consious self to your wedding day. One of my favorite wedding favors vendor, Beau-coup has a long list of eco-friendly favors that your guests will love! A few of my favorites include these personalized plantable seed cards, natural bamboo coasters and mini palm plants.

Bird Cage Veils: The wedding veil has returned! And I'm not talking about your mother's trail on the floor veil either. What's hot is short and birdcage style. They make a sweet addition to any dress. Bird Cage carries a huge selection and ships worldwide.

bridalveils.jpgDestination Weddings Close to Home: As close as your own backyard! A popular idea for 2010 is a cozy ceremony at your house. What better way to save some on your budget and keep it personal. Here are some pictures from an intimate backyard ceremony I fell for from I love the DIY elements in the decor, great ideas!
outdoorwedding.jpgMismatched Bridesmaid Dresses: This is not necessarily new, but now it's with a twist. The bride picks a color and then her bridesmaids go and buy their choice of dress. The new PANTONE WEDDING swatch cards and color fan guide from The Dessy Group make this oh-so-easy. Your bridesmaids can take your chosen color to their nearest Dessy retailer and pick out their favorite Dessy bridesmaid dress style. And they will be sure to match perfectly!

turquoise bridesmaid dressesFeathers: One of the more interesting trends that I am warming to. With styles like these from Jade Rose Designs, I am seeing what the fuss is all about.

Groom Cakes: Why not? It's their day too! Some that were featured on are below. I cannot believe these are edible cakes. Seriously, a drum set cake!

Photo booths at Wedding Reception: What better way to get unique, fun and interesting photos of your friends and family? got creative and used this shot for their save-the-date. What a great idea!

Do you have any other favorite new trends for your 2010 wedding? Comment here and tell me your favorites!