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A Rustic Outdoor Mountain Wedding

A Rustic Outdoor Mountain Wedding

Melissa Dunstan Photography, one of the lovely and talented photographers that contribute to the amazing photo gallery for the Dessy PANTONE inspiration style board application, has blessed us with these amazing and inspirational images from a wedding in Flagstaff, Arizonoa. The setting, the colors, the decor are perfect-rustic, yet colorful and beautiful. And I think the dogs and the groomsmen are having just as fun of a day as the bride and groom!
flagstaff1.jpgflagstaff2.jpgflagstaff3.jpgflagstaff4.jpgflagstaff5.jpgflagstaff6.jpgflagstaff7.jpgflagstaff8.jpgflagstaf9.jpgflagstaff10.jpgflagstaff11.jpgphotography by Melissa Dunstan Photography