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DIY Pinwheel Favor Boxes

DIY Pinwheel Favor Boxes

Are loving the pinwheel craze? They are a great and fun addition to your reception or bridal shower decor and with simple do-it-yourself lovelies like these from A Subtle Revelry you can easily make and personalize them with your own wedding colors.

All you need is:

  • Small craft paper boxes (available at Michaels)

  • Paper in your favorite colors

  • Wooden beads

  • Ribbon

  • Hot glue gun

  • Your favorite favor box filling (think your favorite candy, homemade cookies, mints)

Play with various fun colors and beads to make them perfect for your dream day. The full pinwheel favor box tutorial can be found here
pinwheelfavors1.jpgpinwheelfavors3.jpgImages from A Subtle Revelry