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Fall Wedding Ideas: DIY Pumpkin Mojito Bar

Fall Wedding Ideas: DIY Pumpkin Mojito Bar

This pumpkin mojito bar would be a great addition to the pumpkin harvest bridal shower brunch I recently shared with you. With ingredients like pumpkin, rum, mint, lime and brown sugar there's no way these sweeties wouldn't be a hit at your shower or reception. Thanks to the Hostess Blog where I found this unforgettable cocktail goodness. It's time for a tasting session don't you think?
pumpkinmojito1.jpgpumpkinmojito2.jpgpumpkinmojito3.jpgpumpkinmojito4.jpgpumpkinmojito5.jpgpumpkinmojito6.jpgpumpkinmojito7.jpgpumpkinmojito8.jpgpumpkinmojito9.jpgImages by Hostess Blog