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A Book Lover Engagement Shoot

A Book Lover Engagement Shoot

Two book worms fall in love. They decide to get hitched. They ask amazing photographer Andrienne Gunde to capture their love of books and of each other. The result below is crazy adorable. The bride to be hand made the heart kite you see, proving she's just as crafty as she is smart. This is one fine day. All together now....Awwwwww....
heartkite1.jpg<heartkite2.jpgheartkite2.jpgheartkite3.jpgheartkite4.jpgheartkite5.jpgheartkite6.jpgheartkite7.jpgheartkite8.jpgheartkite9.jpgheartkite10.jpgheartkite11.jpgheartkite12.jpgImages by Adrienne Gunde Photography