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A Handmade Wedding in the Forest

A Handmade Wedding in the Forest

For your Thursday, a truly handmade wedding to get your weekend off to an early start. This crafty bride hand sculpted the gnomes to top the cake - the cake that her future mother-in-law made. She and her soon-to-be hubby even built the structure that held the twinkle lights that surrounded their reception while all of their guests ate a home-cooked meal. It's obvious that a lot of love went into this amazing day. Enjoy!

handmadewedding1.jpghandmadewedding2.jpghandmadewedding3.jpghandmadewedding4.jpghandmadewedding5.jpghandmadewedding6.jpghandmadewedding7.jpghandmadewedding8.jpghandmadewedding9.jpghandmadewedding10.jpghandmadewedding11.jpghandmadewedding12.jpgImages by Carisa Cheee Photography found via Favor Craver