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An Artists Vintage Wedding Theme

An Artists Vintage Wedding Theme

Her adorable dress, hand-painted fans, the telephone and dinosaur tables-love!, homemade tea and really, just about every little inch of this wedding put it at the top of my favorites. There's not much else to say except take a gander and thoroughly enjoy!

trulyvintage15.jpgtrulyvintage1.jpgtrulyvintage2.jpgtrulyvintage3.jpgtrulyvintage4.jpgtrulyvintage5.jpgtrulyvintage6.jpgtrulyvintage7.jpgtrulyvintage8.jpgtrulyvintage9.jpgtrulyvintage10.jpgtrulyvintage11.jpgtrulyvintage12.jpgtrulyvintage13.jpgtrulyvintage14.jpgImages by Jonas Peterson Photography