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A Yellow Wedding Inspired by Daisies

A Yellow Wedding Inspired by Daisies

From flowered cupcakes to a truck bed perfectly decorated, this wedding is complete sweetness. The mismatched plates, handmade dress shawl and sweet jam favors top off this perfect day with just the right amount of loveliness. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do. Ah, summer weddings - gorgeous!

kyleepaul1.jpgkyleepaul2.jpgkyleepaul3.jpgkyleepaul4.jpgkyleepaul5.jpgkyleepaul6.jpgkyleepaul7.jpgkyleepaul8.jpgkyleepaul9.jpgkyleepaul10.jpgkyleepaul11.jpgkyleepaul12.jpgkyleepaul13.jpgImages by Wildflowers Photography