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A Malibu Beach Wedding in Plaid Blue and Yellow

A Malibu Beach Wedding in Plaid Blue and Yellow

I've never been to Malibu, but this stunning beach side wedding makes me want to hop across the country about now. What a perfect spot for a wedding. The waves hitting the shore in the background while surrounded by palm trees. Not to mention the decor. I don't think big fluffy colorful pompoms have ever looked so good. And tying in some social media flair for the well wishes? Well, I'm seriously loving it all.

malibu1.jpgmalibu2.jpgmalibu3.jpgmalibu4.jpgmalibu5.jpgmalibu6.jpgmalibu7.jpgmalibu8.jpgmalibu9.jpgmalibu10.jpgmalibu11.jpgmalibu12.jpgmalibu13.jpgmalibu14.jpgmalibu15.jpgmalibu16.jpgmalibu17.jpgImages by Jagger Photography