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Real Wedding Inspiration: English Countryside Wedding

My hippie little heart is loving this wedding dress like crazy. It's not often you pull off a bell-sleeved wedding dress, but this bride does it well doesn't she? I also love how the couple incorporated the vintage car theme. It really does look SO much more fun than a silly ole limo now doesn't it? Throw in that handsome groom and cute little chapel and you have just about the sweetest ceremony ever.

englishcountryside1.jpgenglishcountryside2.jpgenglishcountryside3.jpgenglishcountryside4.jpgenglishcountryside5.jpgenglishcountryside6.jpgenglishcountryside7.jpgenglishcountryside8.jpgenglishcountryside9.jpgenglishcountryside10.jpgenglishcountryside11.jpgenglishcountryside12.jpgenglishcountryside13.jpgenglishcountryside14.jpgenglishcountryside15.jpgenglishcountryside16.jpgImages by Tyler Branch Photo