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A Simple and Classy Potluck Wedding

A Simple and Classy Potluck Wedding

This ultra earthy and chic wedding caught my eye recently because it is chock full of DIY goodness. This couple even made their big day a potluck - love it! And love the tasty look of all of that food! The simple bridesmaid dresses are topped off with fun & colorful necklaces while the brides style is simple and elegant. That flower belt is a keeper don't you agree? Enjoy the love!

potluckwedding1.jpgpotluckwedding2.jpgpotluckwedding3.jpgpotluckwedding5.jpgpotluckwedding6.jpgpotluckwedding7.jpgpotluckwedding8.jpgpotluckwedding9.jpgpotluckwedding10.jpgpotluckfood.jpgpotluckwedding11.jpgpotluckwedding12.jpgpotluckwedding13.jpgpotluckwedding14.jpgpotluckwedding15.jpgImages by Jagger Photography