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A Lace Summer Wedding Worthy of Royalty

A Lace Summer Wedding Worthy of Royalty

As summer wedding season winds down and Autumn begins, I couldn't help but share this summertime beauty. All of the little touches and details show how much thought was really put into every aspect of this beautiful day. Doilies and lace, hanging candle lanterns, the flower designed aisle with a wooden heart at the end, and some gorgeous bridesmaids with sweet parasols all combine to make a perfect day full of summer wedding ideas for you.

poolside1.jpgpoolside2.jpgpoolside3.jpgpoolside4.jpgpoolside5.jpgpoolside6.jpgpoolside7.jpgpoolside8.jpgpoolside9.jpgpoolside10.jpgpoolside11.jpgpoolside12.jpgpoolside13.jpgImages by Sean Flanigan