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Engagement Picture Ideas: A Day on the Farm

Engagement Picture Ideas: A Day on the Farm

Happy Monday everyone! I have a great colorful and happy day after shoot to share to get your week off to a good start. This bride's style is killer as are the settings for these great images. The Red Door Inn and a greasy burger joint? Sounds like a fantastic day to me. Hope you find some great stylish inspiration for your own engagement, day of or day after shoot.

dayafter1.jpgdayafter2.jpgdayafter3.jpgdayafter4.jpgdayafter5.jpgdayafter6.jpgdayafter7.jpgdayafter8.jpgdayafter9.jpgdayafter10.jpgdayafter11.jpgdayafter12.jpgdayafter13.jpgImages by Ashley Maxwell Photography