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How to make a buttonhole

Back in the day, a buttonhole was just a carnation backed by a bit of fern.

Nowadays lapels are much more lively and engaging and a colourful buttonhole - or boutonnière as our American friends say - is very on trend at weddings right now.

Making a buttonhole isn't difficult

Watch this film featuring Sabine Darrall and she'll show you how to make a buttonhole.

It isn't too complicated. Think about the blooms you will use and how they will work with the wedding colours you've chosen. Also the time of year, as this will dictate the flowers available (and their cost).

DIY buttonholes are a useful way of managing the expense of your wedding and of course if you make your own buttonholes, they will be unique for your big day!

purple viola buttonhole red and purple pansy buttonhole

All photographs courtesy of G Lily.