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A Rainy Day Won't Stop the Sunshine on this Central Park Proposal

A Rainy Day Won't Stop the Sunshine on this Central Park Proposal

A really fantastic photographer has the ability to capture true emotion in a way that can be relived again and again through each photo glance. I recently came across this Central Park Proposal by Shay Stephens. Happy tears ensued.

Not to lose any effect, I will tell the story of this romantic proposal just as the photographer did. Get ready for the happy tissues.


After watching the ducks for awhile a couple came strolling down the walkway, hand in hand;


Only to stop on top of Bow Bride. He held her hand, kissed her, and talked for a few minutes;


And then it happened;


She was shocked, let out a scream, and forgot that she was holding onto an umbrella;


They held, and kissed, and said sweet nothings to each other. They were on cloud nine!


And then it sank in;

CentralParkProposal7.jpgCentralParkProposal8.jpgCentralParkProposal9.jpgImages by Shay Stephens
*I have scoured the web looking for Shay
Stephens website but it seems it is no longer up. I have included the
link to the site where I found his images but if any of you know how I
can properly credit him please comment here.*