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A Key Lime Wedding Theme too Sweet to be True

A Key Lime Wedding Theme too Sweet to be True

Bubbles during the first dance? Check. Sweet mints in adorable favor boxes? Check. Light green and gray color scheme done perfectly? Check. This is a truly stunning wedding day. Everything from the bridesmaid dresses to the cute wedding favors and groomsmen suits are color coordinated and just plain pretty. Enjoy the beauty!

greygreenwedding1.jpggreygreenwedding2.jpggreygreenwedding3.jpggreygreenwedding4.jpggreygreenwedding5.jpggreygreenwedding6.jpggreygreenwedding7.jpggreygreenwedding8.jpggreygreenwedding9.jpggreygreenwedding10.jpggreygreenwedding11.jpggreygreenwedding12.jpggreygreenwedding13.jpggreygreenwedding14.jpgImages by Shannon Nicole Smith Photography