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DIY flowerpot centrepieces for weddings

The more stuff you can create yourself for your wedding day, the further your budget is going to stretch.

But unless you're superbly artistic, it's usually best to just DIY the simple stuff and not to set your sights too high.

Which is why I thought these flowerpot centrepiece wraps I discovered on Martha Stewart weddings were such a great idea.

You simply download the template and print out the wrap onto coloured paper - or a design you've previously created on your computer. So lots of opportunity to use your wedding colour theme and styling.

After you cut out the template wrap it around a cheap flowerpot (try Ikea or your local pound shop) to transform it.

So what should you be putting in your flowerpot? Well, depending on the time of year, you could use spring bulbs in flower, primroses, gerberas, daisies and chrysanthemums. Have a look around your local garden centre for inspiration.

Your flowerpot centrepieces will also make perfect wedding favours to give your guests afterwards - and of course you could personalise each wrapper and include the table number and the date of your wedding too.

Enjoy making these. And here are some more ideas for wedding table centrepieces to think about.