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MUST HAVE: myPANTONE Wedding & Events

In May of 2011 Pantone Wedding and The Dessy Group partnered up once again to create myPANTONE Wedding & Events and it's the perfect "marraige" of color and creativity. This iPad application lets brides, grooms and the most wishful thinkers plan out the Big Day by creating a Style Board for any scale wedding or importanat event.

The app relies on the vast library of Pantone colors and Dessy Group dresses, menswear and accessories to build out your wedding day vision. In addition imagery for decor, food, flowers, venues and every aspect of what goes into a great wedding day are also included to paint a complete picture! It's also a great resource to organize all the wedding day details. Make seperate boards for the bridal party, the groomsmen, the ceremony, the reception and the after party to keep your color sceme, atmosphere and look for each important part of the day clear!

This clever iPad app makes it easy to share a cohesive vision with the wedding party, friends and family no matter how far away they may be!

Check out the awesome app at: