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A Tech-tastic Proposal

You won't believe the lengths some men go to pop those four super special words. When Scott, an advertising salesman, wanted to get on one knee for his girl he used a language of love that both he and his bride-to-be, who happens to be an ad executive, both speak fluently.

Scott ambushed his girlfriend, Erica, by buying up ad space for a lead banner and coordinating side banner on a site that she manages. He produced two love "ads" which asked "Erica, will you marry me?" accompanied by an image of the couple and a special note "you are the love of my life."

The story gets more interesting and has a happy ending. For the full story and to read about Erica's response, click here:

Congrats to the couple and guys, if you're thinking of popping the all-important question (it's really the only one  that matters) then let Scott be an inspiration for a creative proposal that's through and through "you" -- after all that's what she loves!