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A Wedding App That Will Tell Your Fiance What He SHOULD Be Doing (So You Don't Have To)

How can a woman understand how a man thinks?

I don't know about you but from time to time I'll pick up a copy of GQ or Esquire because I find it completely fascinating to get a bit of an insight into how men's minds work. (Still a mystery on the whole, but I'm not giving up just yet ...)

There's also an online website I keep my eye on  - which is really one for the boys - called Staggered. It's a UK site for men getting married - although there's also a US version for our Stateside friends.

(By the way, in the UK 'Stag Do ' is man-speak for a bachelor party and the Stag is the man getting married. So I am Staggered is quite a clever pun on the whole thing ... well I think so anyway.)

wedding app for bridegrooms

It's a very witty site that makes me laugh every time I read it - although on a more serious note it has some really good information for the man in your life. Stuff like photo ops for the groomsmen/stags, how to propose marriage and how not to, places to go on a honeymoon, a look at celebrity groom Justin Timberlake, how to buy an engagement ring ... you get the idea.

wedding app for groomsmen

There's also an excellent free Staggered app you might like to get your significant other to download so that he can do his bit of pre-wedding planning in a gadgety sort of a way.

So girls - maybe this will help you understand your man a little more... Good luck and let us know how you get along with it!