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Wedding Republic – A Free Online Wedding Registry

Wedding Republic – A Free Online Wedding Registry

To avoid getting another toaster on your wedding day, Wedding Republic has come up with a unique online registry.

You can set up your free online wedding registry and choose from their list of gift ideas or add your own. Anything goes from a fancy dinner for two at your favorite restaurant, your honeymoon, your first home, favorite wines, to home renovations and cooking classes.

Add what you really want for gifts and then your guests can buy them in full or they can break an item on your registry into a 'puzzle'. This allows them to chip in on an item with other guests.

Wedding Republic also makes thank you cards easy as it keeps all of your guests' information for you.

You can customize your page and easily send it out to your guest list. To view a sample of what they can do for you, visit Wedding Republic and view their video tutorial