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Winter or Summer Bride? How To Get Your Wedding Make Up Right...

If you're planning a winter wedding vs a summer wedding, you'll know that the style of your wedding day is going to be quite different depending on the season in which you get married.

Winter weddings bring to mind deep colours - reds, purples, deep blues.  Rich fabrics like velvets and heavy satin.

Whilst a summer wedding is much lighter - pastels, soft pinks and lilacs. Light fabrics like organza and chiffon.

Your choices will also extend to the flowers you choose for a winter wedding and the blooms that decorate your day when you're marrying in warmer months.

I spoke to expert make up artist Wendy who trained with Estee Lauder.   xxx has made up literally hundreds of brides for their wedding day and so I asked her for some hints and tips to think about when you're having a winter wedding vs a summer wedding. How should your make up differ?  How should you prepare your skin so it looks its very best on your wedding day?

Beauty For A Winter Bride

In the darker months of the year, the light is quite different and more forgiving - you may decide to light your venue with candles and lanterns.  Your skin will also have a different tone and 'glow' compared to how it looks during a more sunshiny time of year. Wendy advises:

  • Do go for a more sophisticated 'look'

  • Be more precise with your hair, more dramatic

  • If you do go for a winter 'tan', make sure you don't look darker than your groom!

  • Think of red, magenta, emerald - rich colour palettes

  • If you fancy having dramatic coloured nails then go for it with wine colours and reds

  • Take your make-up from daytime to evening by adding a little more definition to lips and eyes

  • Avoid bronzers - instead think of apricots and rose colours on cheeks

Elegance For A Summer Bride

  • Precise hair in summer can look 'set'. Try to go for something lighter and looser.

  • Think pastel tones and keep your palette neutral

  • Avoid heavy eye make-up - tones should be fresher, more sheer

  • Black eyeliner is too much for summer days - light brown or grey is much better

  • Go for more of a 'glow' rather than a make-up mask

  • Natural nails are better in summer

I asked Wendy how brides can find a good make-up artist. Her advice?

  • Make a 'look'  book scrapbook to show your make up artist (Pinterest is ideal for this) or try the Dessy wedding moodboard

  • Go in with some props