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A 1920's Inspired Wedding Day

If you're looking for a theme for your wedding day then consider having a 1920's inspired wedding.


Twenties Style is Vintage Wedding Style

The style of the 1920's is timeless, classic, elegant and fun - all at the same time. And it gives you masses of opportunities to theme your wedding day.

1920's inspired wedding

The bride can wear a 1920's inspired frock - think lace details, drop waistlines, a hair bandeau, ostrich feathers ... it's those little details that are going to count.

You can recreate the period style with your wedding invitations - think Art Deco, black and white - and monochrome wedding photographs at a 1920's inspired wedding would be really elegant and eye catching.

I love the groom dressed all in white - very Gatsby-esque!

Photography via Joyeuse Photography

1920's style shoes for bride

1920's inspired wedding bride and groom marrying

Check the bride's hair detail and long fringed dress. Dressing the groom in white too was a masterstroke!

1920's inspired wedding dancing

Hire a jazz band and maybe learn how to do the Charleston? A 1920's wedding theme is both informal but with some touches of formality ...

seating plan for 1920's inspired wedding

Love this idea for a wedding table plan with each table being named after a 1920's celebrity - Coco Chanel, Josephine Baker ...

1920's inspired wedding

wedding guests at 1920's inspired wedding

And of course, if your guests join in the mood and dress themselves in 1920's garb it all adds to the atmosphere. Flapper style is a cinch, just wear a drop waisted dress, some long beads, maybe add a feather boa and a cloche hat and you're there.

Do you think this is the best vintage wedding theme there is?