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Bridal Shower Ideas, Themes & Inspiration

Bridal Shower Ideas, Themes & Inspiration

The bridal shower is normally a pretty standard affair. The bridesmaids invite the bride's closest friends and family, have some delicious goodies, open gifts and have a good ole time. This is all well and good, but what about shaking it up a bit and finding some alternatives to the traditional? After all, this is the one shower you'll throw for that great best friend of yours who doesn't always follow the rules herself, right?

It's time to add some variety and excitement to this fun party. A few of my favorite alternative bridal shower ideas and themes include:

Wine Tasting Bridal Shower

If you live in a wine region, spend the day hopping through the wineries. For more elegance, rent a limo to drive everyone around. If you don't live in a wine region, have each guest bring a bottle of wine from a different country or region. Fill the tables with cheeses and fruit to accompany the wines.

Co-Ed Bridal Shower

That's right, involve the groom and his buddies too. It's becoming a more popular idea, and for a good reason—boys should have fun too! This could be anything from an intimate dinner to a pool and bbq party. Gifts could range from household items to the couple's hobby or sports-themed gifts.

Stock the Bar Bridal Shower

Have all guests bring their favorite cocktail mix ingredients and help this bride stock her home bar. Of course, having some on hand for the shower is a pretty good idea too. Favors could be wine stoppers or tiny bottles of liquor.

On the Water Bridal Shower

If you live near the ocean or a lake, rent a boat or yacht for a day. Make sure a captain is included and have the guests sip champagne and enjoy the views as the celebration takes place.

Spa Day Bridal Shower

A great one for the ladies. Who doesn't love a day of pampering? Arrange a day at a local spa where you can all get your favorite treatments while chatting the day away. Small gifts could be brought to the salon, or you could continue the day of relaxation at one of your homes.

Alphabet Bridal Shower

Assign each guest a letter of the alphabet and ask them to bring a gift that starts with their letter. Let them know they can be as creative as they'd like. You could also extend this theme to the food for the day.

Tea Party Bridal Shower

If there's a local tea cafe, make reservations for the afternoon. Make sure there are a lot of tasty sweets and small sandwiches to accompany the tea. No local cafe? Buy a great selection of teas and sweets at your local grocery store and make your own party!

The most important point here is to have a great time with the girls. If you have any other unique bridal shower ideas, comment here and I would love to hear them and spread the word.

Happy planning!