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A New Way Of Looking At Your Wedding - With a GoPro Camera

You know what most brides regret most about their wedding day? Well, apparently it's not having a videographer to take footage of the event.

Now we understand that you may have a strict budget to stick to and may not be able to afford a professional photographer and a videographer.

But here's an idea we really liked. A professional photographer took film of his wedding day using GoPro cameras and put one in his wife's wedding bouquet with some spectacular results, as you can see from the film below.

What is a GoPro camera?

It's basically a compact digital camera and very popular with sports people who want to take action footage. If you've ever seen a skier or cyclist with a camera strapped to his/her head, then it's very likely to be a GoPro. The camera is capable of taking up to 30 frames a second so it's great for capturing every single moment.

We think it's a great idea that the bride and groom used one on their wedding day. They certainly got some original memories of their big day - some creative thinking at work here!