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How To Have A DIY Hen Party

Having a hen party is a bit of a rite of passage in the lead up to your wedding day and you probably won't want to miss out.

However, having a pub crawl wearing wings, a tiara and L plates may not be your kind of thing. And maybe you'd rather spend your wedding budget on your wedding than spending cash on going abroad for a weekend with the girls or having a spa break. Or maybe you're just counting the pennies and want to do something that's fun but inexpensive.

What About A Hen Party Sleepover?

Remember as a teenager sleepovers with the girls involved lots of giggling, watching films and chatting?

Well, why don't you enjoy it all over again by having a hen party sleepover - which is the perfect way to diy your own hen party and save money.

Think about who you're going to invite and then sort out the date. Okay, you could txt or e mail everybody but I think that a paper invitation is more memorable and you could begin as you mean to go on by making your own hen party invitations.

Get off to a great start by getting some hen party accessories together. Maybe present everybody with a pink cardboard stetson on arrival or a special hen party badge.

Ask your friends to each bring a dish, sweet, savoury, some salads and make sure you include some delicious nibbles. It might be the perfect time to make a special cocktail for everybody to enjoy.

It's a night to forget the diet - so indulge in a few cupcakes too and some boxes of chocolates.

Sort out some chick flicks to sigh over - I'm thinking 'Love Actually', 'The Notebook' and anything with Jennifer Anniston in it. 'High Society' with Grace Kelly is also a classic.

Make a playlist of favourite songs ...

You could try out some different nail colours on one another - you  never wear pink? Now's the time to try it. You could always make things a little more organised by inviting a professional beautician over to do some pampering on you all.

If you've invited a friend who's into yoga or pilates maybe she could give you all an informal session to try out some poses. If not, how about a game of Twister.

Also remember to take some photographs of yourselves for the future.

It's more fun if you can all sleep in the same room so get the girls to bring their pyjamas, a sleeping bag and a pillow.

Basically you're there to have a great time and let your hair down. Reminisce over times past and speculate on what might be happening in the future. You can talk the night away.

Next morning have breakfast together in your pyjamas and again, it's not time to worry about diets. Put eggs, bacon and croissants on the menu as well as some healthy yoghurts, cereal choices and fruit.

You might also like to leave a pretty blank notebook out so the girls can write a goodbye message in it so you can remember what a fabulous time you all had at your hen party.

And remember the next time you're all likely to be together is one your wedding day - exciting!

Image credit: Pink hen party balloon via Hen Party Superstore