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Terrible Songs to Play at Your Wedding

Terrible Songs to Play at Your Wedding

...These might be the very worst songs to play at your wedding. Now, you may think these are no brainers, but it might help to check with your DJ first. And also Steve Harvey. Steve Harvey is very concerned with the level of taste at your wedding.

So don't play these!

1.Gold Digger By Kanye West

2. Before He Cheats By Carrie Underwood

3.I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For By U2

4. The Thrill is Gone By B. B. King

(also anything by Chris Brown. You know why.)

Worst Wedding Songs Gold Digger Oh, that sassy man!

Some songs that didn't make the list are:

5. Every Breath You Take By The Police

6. Jesse's Girl By Rick Springfield

7. Love Stinks By J. Geils

Make a playlist ahead of time of songs you DON'T want, as well as those you do!