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How To Plan Your Wedding In Just A Few Months

Have you had a whirlwind courtship? Are you in a hurry to get married?

Maybe you've been together for a while and have decided that now is the right time and you can't wait to be together any longer.

Maybe your kids are pressuring you to get married or maybe there's a baby on the way? Or maybe one of you is being sent abroad to work and you want to go together?

Bride with 1930's style hair and lace wedding dressPlan The Wedding You Want

If you're getting married in just a few months, rather than in a year or two's time, then don't panic. You can sort things pretty much the way you want to.

You might have to make some compromises though. Wedding venues tend to be busier in the summer months and at weekends so don't be disappointed if you can't get a Saturday date in the place you want.

Instead, why not get married midweek when things are less busy? You'll also find it easier to source a good wedding photographer then, as well as caterers and waiting staff. You may also be able to negotiate a discount if you're marrying out of season midweek.

There are other good things about getting married at short notice

    • You'll be Mr and Mrs together sooner!
    • You can't agonise over decisions
    • Fewer people will be able to come at short notice, so you'll save on your wedding budget
    • There's no time to be impatient
    • You'll just have to concentrate on the essentials, rather than dwell on matters like should you or should you not have wedding favours
    • If you're booking a honeymoon last minute, you could benefit from a last minute price
    • If you dreaded having a big wedding, now you don't have to. Just invite close family and friends, with the excuse that you decided to get married at the last minute and it's €˜just a quiet do'. No need to get colleagues and distant relatives on the invitation list
    • Use the Internet to save time. You could track down a great wedding dress, bridesmaids dresses and flower girl dresses. Just make sure you have the right measurements.

Your priorities, in order are: Getting the wedding venue sorted, so you need to decide on a date. You might want to hold the ceremony and reception at the same venue which will help with your wedding planning. Then you'll need to book a photographer. Find your wedding dress and get the music sorted for your reception. Flowers and a cake can be organised nearer the day. You could send Save The Dates out by e mail right now and follow up with a written invitation.

Above all, don't panic. The important thing is that you're marrying the right person. Planning a wedding last minute can be done without being completely stressful. Just bear in mind that you're going to be spending the rest of your life with your gorgeous new husband!

Images courtesy The Bridal Photographer David Bostock