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Wedding Dress Selfies: Yay or Nay Before Your Wedding Day?

Wedding Dress Selfies: Yay or Nay Before Your Wedding Day?

Wearing a Dessy dress? You can upload your own Instagram photos onto The Dessy Group website and share your wedding day photos with us!

These days with the use of Instagram and Facebook, our instant need to share has become second nature, but when it comes to our wedding gowns, should we? Some brides today are showing their dresses ahead of time with quick selfie pictures while some are still keeping with tradition.

When does sharing have its limits? You can probably talk to any bride and she will likely tell you that it is important to keep what your dress looks like secret.

This is a tradition, something that should remain sacred. The idea of having everyone especially your groom to see you for the first time in your wedding gown going down the aisle is a moment that can never be replicated, so why ruin it by showing everyone beforehand?


When I asked a few friends their thoughts about this concept of sharing pictures of your gown, one told me she showed people a dress she didn't get. Another friend said she showed her dress to people not attending the wedding.

Other instances where it's okay to show your gown, is obviously to your bridesmaids and immediate family members like your mother and grandmother. But I would cut it there.

If this tradition is one that doesn't mean to you what it may mean to others, then by all means go ahead show all your closest friends and family members your wedding dress.

It's natural to get excited because you have found the dress of your dreams and you want the world to know you have found the dress you will wear, but it's important to think about whether everyone needs to see the dress beforehand.

I am a traditionalist and believe that certain aspects of the wedding should remain sacred even in a time where we share everything, but this is something that is truly up to the bride's discretion. If she doesn't mind sharing, it is her dress.

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