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How to Incorporate Fall Colors Into Your Wedding Day

How to Incorporate Fall Colors Into Your Wedding Day

Look how beautifully the deep reds and green complement your wedding table. This table has accents of pink as well. Beautiful for fall. Photo by Daisy Saulls Photography

When I think of fall colors, I can't help but escape to the colors of reds, oranges, yellows and deep greens. While these may be the colors that play an active role in the season, there are many other colors that can make you feel the warmth of the fall.

Deep Purple: This weekend I saw a wedding where the bridesmaids were each wearing a deep purple dress. It was just beautiful, it totally spoke to the fall season. The bride accompanied this color with bright purple, white and pinks in the bouquets.

Las Vegas Real Wedding Editor Wears the Twist Dress-

Have you seen how beautiful this shade looks on Dessy's Twist Wrap Dress? Perfect way to incorporate fall into your wedding!

Deep Reds and Green: When you think of these two colors, you may think of the holidays, to me it reminds me of apple picking in the fall, and incorporate this with a warm chocolate brown accents and you have a fabulously beautiful fall wedding.


Brown and and deep orange are a perfect marriage of colors for the fall, these are two elegant colors to incorporate for your fall wedding day. Photo by Weddingomania.com

Mustard Yellow, White and Light Green: These three colors makes me think of a rustic fall wedding, this is another opportunity where you can add various shades of brown as well – (brown is just a perfect add-on everywhere!) These three colors can be incorporated into bouquets, bridesmaid dresses, table runners and arrangements.

Blue: I am not the biggest fan of blue, but if done right it would be a great fall color for your wedding. I would incorporate bright oranges or bright pinks with this color, I would also gravitate towards the navy side of the family. The navy reminds me of a grape vineyard during the fall, it is a delightful reminder of this season.


I loved this mustard color bouquet for the wedding party or the bride to carry. It is the perfect shade of yellow for your fall wedding. Photo featured on Onetowed.com.

Orange, Peach and Green: I recommend these three colors for an early fall wedding, when summer is still lingering, but is on its way out the door welcoming the cooler months ahead.

Orange, Brown and Red: These colors are the epitome of fall. You see these colors everywhere during the season and can be incorporated into various aspects of your wedding.

Orange, Purple, Green, Pink: These four colors are great vibrant colors for the fall, you can really play these colors up nicely with your wedding décor and still make guests feel like they are attending a fall-themed wedding.

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