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Wrap Yourself In a Fall Pashmina For the Wedding Day

Wrap Yourself In a Fall Pashmina For the Wedding Day

Look how many ways you can wear this beautiful fall colored pashmina! Dessy has Pashmina Shawls -Evening Shawls ready to keep you warm at the wedding.

One of my favorite parts about fall is the chance to break out my pashmina shawl and embrace the cool air that has arrived. It is just the best accessory to have to keep you warm. It also makes a great bridesmaid gift too.

If you are getting married in the fall and it is still too warm to wear a jacket, but chilly enough that you would need some covering, the best alternative are a pashmina. How many times have you seen the women at your wedding using their date's jackets to keep warm?

Pashminas are versatile, look great with anything you wear especially a wedding dress or bridesmaid dress and can be worn again, really!

Whether you are covering just your arms or your décolletage, here are some of the best pashmina shawls we think are perfect this season:


This is a great wedding favor for all of your female guests, they will definitely thank you! Photo by Julianne Smoot Photography.


You can dress the chairs at each table with a pashmina and it makes a great wedding decoration that guests can go home with. Photo taken by Tikko Weddings featured on


Get each of your maids matching pashminas as part of a bridesmaid gift and get yourself one to match too! Photo by Laura Mae Photography.


Wrap yourself in this elegant Ombre Pashmina by Dessy for the next wedding you are attending.