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What Not to Eat or Drink Before Your Wedding

What Not to Eat or Drink Before Your WeddingBrussel Sprouts

One of the foods that will cause bloating before your wedding, avoid this vegetable if possible leading up to your wedding day. Photo by

Your wedding is coming up and it is important to take into consideration what foods you are consuming and what liquids you are putting in your system that could cause bloating, a slowing metabolism and anxiety.

You will want to avoid some vegetables. You will want to avoid beans, broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, cabbage cauliflower because they could cause bloating before your wedding. You will also want to avoid (wait for it) chewing gum, which can also cause bloating.

It seems that everything can cause bloating; even dairy products can cause bloating, gas and cramping. You will want to eliminate this at least a week or more before your wedding.Coffee

I am a big fan of coffee, whether you are regular coffee drinker or not, you will want to avoid this beverage weeks leading up to your wedding to avoid anxiousness and the shakes. Photo by

Avoid any foods that are fatty such as various meats, fried foods and cheese. In reading up on this a bit, I learned that it can cause a delay in the emptying of the stomach. Some health experts will even recommend low-fat protein alternatives like fish.

If you don't want to retain water before your wedding, avoid salty foods leading up to your wedding.

I recommend avoiding artificial sweetners, coffee and alcohol. Artificial sweetners which contain sugar alcohol is another way to cause bloating.

Coffee should be avoided so that you don't get anxious or shaky on your wedding day. If you are a regular coffee drinker like me, you will want to cut down a few weeks before the wedding to prevent withdrawal symptoms like headaches or fatigue.


Avoid the delaying of an empty stomach by staying away from fried foods like these fries. Photo by The Gaia Health Blog.

Alcohol should be avoided to maintain energy on your wedding, while it will be hard to avoid alcohol with all the celebrations leading to the wedding, the best alternative is to drink water when possible to maintain an active metabolism and avoid your body from slowing down.

This also applies to the bridesmaids in your wedding, because like the bride they will have to fit into a dress, they will have to be alert and present the day of the wedding. Speaking of bridesmaids, have you seen all the new spring bridesmaid dresses for 2014 featured on They are just gorgeous!