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What's Cooler Than Hosting A Cold Weather Destination Wedding? Nothing.

What's Cooler Than Hosting A Cold Weather Destination Wedding? Nothing.

The joy of the holidays is wafting through the air and there's a universal jolliness all around, but the post-holiday blues can settle in somewhat fast. From February until May there's no matter where you live there is probably a mad rush to get out of dodge and see some different scenery... Enter the all important winter destination wedding. But, what if you threw the book at the standard choice of a tropical location and instead chose a cool, cozy and cold (??) place for friends & family to gather? We've done our research and have come to the conclusion that a secluded cold-weather winter wedding is a genius idea. See below for some of the best locations!

Aspen Colorado

Aspen, Colorado

This is possibly the most conservative location on our list. Known for upscale living Aspen touts luxurious accommodations and some of the countries most-acclaimed culinary experiences. The shopping in downtown Aspen is also unparalleled offering antiques, galleries and designer boutiques. We can't not mention the skiing that surrounds this chic town - it boasts some of the best slopes in North America. We chose Aspen for it's ability to please a diverse crowd.

Kiruna Sweden

The Laplands, Northern Sweden

The northern Laplands of Scandinavia will offer your wedding guests a truly memorable experience. The Laplands are an arctic, somewhat desolate region of the world. This region is located in the Arctic Circle, so it's c.o.l.d. but the crisp air is the perfect backdrop for the Northern Lights, which paint the sky from early fall until late spring. The famed Ice Hotel is a favorite destination among visitors to the region and the snow and ice covered landscape provides a romantic, otherworldly backdrop for nuptials. Kiruna is the most populated Swedish city in the region with a population around 20,000.

Anchorage Alaska

Anchorage, Alaska

When you see a wide-shot of Anchorage, it almost looks like it's set against a green screen. High rise buildings are sandwiched between crystal clear water and a monstrous mountain range that dwarfs the city of 300,000. In wintertime, Anchorage has 130 km of Nordic (cross country) ski trails. Ice skating, ice fishing, snowmobiling and guided tours of the glacial peaks are among the favorite pastimes for residents.

Whistler Blackholm

Whistler in British Columbia, Canada

Whistler Blackholm is known to be one of the premiere ski resorts in the world. Epic scenery and mammoth mountain trails make this the perfect destination for a couple that enjoys hitting the slopes. Whistler also offers a charming, cozy and luxurious little town for guests to shop, eat and relax. It's a great choice if your guests are west coast based, as it's a fairly easy trip.

Punta Arenas Chile

The Patagonia Region in Punta Arenas, Chile

Sometimes people are under the misconception that because Chile is in South America, it's hot there... Not the case with Patagonia Chile. Set in the southern section of the Andes Mountains, Patagonia is an incredibly scenic. The largest city on the Chilean side (Patagonia is also part of Argentina) is Punta Arenas, with just over 110,000 residents. Punta Arenas is 1418.4 km from Antarctica and is the perfect destination for an adventuresome couple and their guests!

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