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The rise and rise of vintage weddings

Today we have a guest blog by Alex Boucher of The Great British Wedding who tells us why vintage isn't just a passing wedding fad.

Vintage! the buzz word in weddings

Trends come and go but for some reason, vintage has stuck around €“ and for a long time. As each year passes, the trend evolves slightly, rather than fading away; even the National Wedding Show has bowed to its influence, introducing a €˜Vintage area' dedicated to companies providing aspects of the theme. Every magazine has pages dedicated to it; every blog features it in some form regularly €“ from real life weddings, to accent ideas for the day.

vintage weddings

So what is Vintage?

The dictionary definition is "something from the past of high quality'. You ask a man, and the answer tends to be simpler €“ €˜old stuff, right?'. You ask a bride €“ well, the answer is very different; but never quite the same. One vintage wedding may be entirely based on a certain era, another wedding may have a colour scheme that defines it as €˜Vintage'. The term is used so frequently (and loosely), perhaps in some cases it shouldn't be used at all €“ after all, a truly Vintage wedding contains many aspects rather than just a few details; but maybe that is what makes this trend so nice €“ its adaptability. After all, what one person defines as Vintage may be totally different to another's ideas. For me, nothing says vintage more than dainty cups, English roses and afternoon tea €“ The Great British Wedding can be modern, but British themes can also be the epitome of Vintage.

The trend possibly came about due to the economy, as brides tried to find a way of being thrifty; It was a DIY bride's paradise, and a chance not only to use family heirlooms, but to upcycle items found in second hand stores and forgotten cupboards €“ giving a truly personal touch to the day. But what was once a totally shabby-chic affair has now grown up, becoming the glamorous nod to a bygone era we see today. Vintage has shifted from a rustic style seen back in 2012; a romantic, whimsical feel in 2013; and now 2014's take on Vintage will see more sparkle, with a Hollywood feel.

vintage weddings

There are many ways that vintage can be incorporated into a wedding

Brides can add pretty brooches to their dress or the cake €“ you can even have a whole bouquet made from them. Lace dresses with detailed backs; pearl jewellery; crystal hair combs. Blousy blooms like hydrangeas can combine a Vintage feel with the deep purple colour scheme that is set to be big later this year, and laser cut €˜lace' stationery is also growing in popularity. Vintage hen parties are on the rise, and Vintage transport can mean anything from a classic Rolls Royce to a classic VW camper van. You can even hire a vintage double decker bus as a bar these days!

vintage weddings

Whether you are a glamour puss, a bit of a magpie (like me!) or a lover of all things floral, there is an aspect of Vintage that will suit you €“ it's adaptability to suit the personalities of the couple is one of the key elements this trend has taken over. So even if you don't go whole hog for a truly €˜Vintage' wedding and only use accents, if the day fits your personalities it will truly be timeless.

vintage style wedding cake
Photography credit: Rich Hines of Hines Images