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DIY ways to dress up your wedding aisle

"Walking down the aisle." It's really another term for getting married, isn't it?

And of course your wedding aisle won't necessarily be in a place of religion. You might be getting married in a hotel, outside in a gazebo or on a tropical beach.

But wherever you've decided to get hitched, a wedding aisle is probably going to figure in some way or another. And it's going to be a focal point - literally - of your big day. So why not dress it up as much as possible?

Here are some ideas I've come across:

wedding aisle lined with bay trees

Topiary trees in pots. Then you can move them after the ceremony to decorate your reception venue too! (Image via Top Topiary)

1. Kate Middleton sparked a real trend when she lined her aisle at Westminster Abbey with real trees. Now we're not all getting married somewhere as grand as Westminster Abbey but there's nothing to stop you lining your aisle with imposing greenery. How about bay trees in pots - maybe with a ribbon wrapped around the trunks?

red balloons lining wedding aisle Inexpensive and effective. You don't have to have hearts of course - you can have the shapes and colours of balloons you want. (Image via Ambience Venue Styling Bristol.)

2. Helium balloons aren't expensive. They can be put up on the morning of your wedding and you can give them to the children afterwards as wedding favours!

3. Lanterns are another item that can make the transition from wedding aisle to wedding reception. Particularly perfect for a late afternoon wedding or a winter wedding - don't bother buying them though, much easier to hire from a supplier like Ambience Venue Styling.

personalised aisle runner

(Image via Confetti)

4. Start as you mean to go on and walk up the aisle with your initials entwined together on a runner. This one is from Confetti.

bunting decorating wedding aisle

Image via Ambience Venue Styling

5. Remember not to forget what's going on over your head. If you have rafters above your aisle, why not festoon them with ribbons or bunting?

How are you planning to dress up your wedding aisle on the big day?

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