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Wedding Cakes With The Wow Factor

No wonder wedding cakes get a table all of their own at the reception. After all, they tend to play a starring role (and are a key prop in one of those must-have wedding photographs you're going to have taken).

In fact, some cakes are so amazing I think they should actually be on a small stage at the wedding breakfast - or maybe I'm taking things a little far there!

Anyway, I haven't bloggged anything on cakes for a bit so today I had the wonderful task of sifting through some of my favourite wedding cake websites and picking out some delicious dazzlers. (And one is from a High Street shop - can you guess which?)

cupcake with rose detail

1. Cupcake by Peggy Porschen. And she does classes too!

vintage style wedding cake

2. A floral garden fantasy by Choccywoccydoodah

beige cameo detail wedding cake

3. An elegant beige layered wedding cake with a cameo detail by GC Couture Cakes

bauble chocolate wedding cake

4. Did you guess it? A bauble chocolate wedding cake by Marks & Spencer

countryside wedding cake

5. A dream for a countryside wedding. Stunning tiered wedding cake by Rachelle's Beautiful Bespoke Cakes

pink peony cupcakes

6. Cupcakes with a difference by Rosalind Miller - pink peonies