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Real Wedding: Using Accents Of Blue

Using accent colours is a very effective way of adding style and individuality to your wedding day. What's an accent colour? It's a single colour that you use against a neutral palette (which might be white, beige, grey) to add a contrast. blue accent colours So for a wedding, you could choose accent colours for your shoes, your flowers, your table decorations, confetti .... It's also an inexpensive way of styling your wedding and you can choose your favourite colour too. However when using a particular colour it's best to choose a fairly strong hue - soft pastels like pale pink, lemon yellow and baby blues won't work so well. So I'd recommend brights in pinks, blues, greens, purples, oranges, yellows - and of course you can also use metallics as accents in silver and gold.

blue wedding shoes Surprise your guests with an accent colour for your wedding shoes

I think bride Angelica here used blue just beautifully on her wedding day. Have a look at the images below and see how you could work an accent colour into your big day.

blue accent colour wedding stationery Start with your wedding stationery to set the theme

Poplawski_Merritt_Lotus_Eyes_Photography_wedding_photography_MG5636_low Poplawski_Merritt_Lotus_Eyes_Photography_wedding_photography_MG5616_lowAt your venue, it's easy to use accent colours on your tables - on napkins, wedding favours, flowers - inexpensive and effective Poplawski_Merritt_Lotus_Eyes_Photography_wedding_photography_MG6244_low Poplawski_Merritt_Lotus_Eyes_Photography_wedding_photography_MG6318_low Poplawski_Merritt_Lotus_Eyes_Photography_wedding_photography_MG6235_low Poplawski_Merritt_Lotus_Eyes_Photography_wedding_photography_MG6231_low Poplawski_Merritt_Lotus_Eyes_Photography_wedding_photography_MG6229_low If you're considering accent colours, why not use the Dessy Pantone colour planner to help you make a decision. All that colour matching suddenly becomes a lot simpler and you can co-ordinate your stationery, groomswear, bridesmaids dresses, shoes ... Dessy offers a dazzling array of colour choices... For example, a wedding in blues ...
Pantone blue colour planner Also available in greens, pinks and neutrals

blue satin waistcoat and tie for bridegroom Dessy waistcoat and bow tie in Ocean Blue

Blue strapless bridesmaid dress Just one of Dessy's bridesmaid styles in Ocean Blue

Credit: Photography by Lotus Eyes Photography